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ChipSoft and Autoscriber use AI to build the consultation of the future

Petra Kok, rheumatologist and Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) at Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis in Delft, experiences a significant decrease in the manual registration workload by using the application Autoscriber in tandem with HiX. She spoke about this at the Together Towards Better Healthcare Festival, together with Aran Jellema, R&D team lead at ChipSoft. Petra sums up the benefits of using Autoscriber with regard to her workflow, and Aran elaborates on the collaboration and integration plans, which will lead to increased efficiency and less frustration in the workplace. "This digital progression is a co-creation of technology and healthcare."

Innovative EHR contributes to international ambitions of Curaçao Medical Center

For over 5 years, Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) which is situated on an island near a 10 hour flight from the Netherlands, has been successfully working with HiX. Over the course of those five years, CMC has transformed from a hospital working almost only on paper into a hypermodern hospital with the technological edge in the Caribbean. IT Manager Elmer Kwidama speaks on the remote collaboration and the goals of CMC: "HiX allows us to establish ourselves as an international hospital."

Largest EHR implementation in Belgium with hospital groups ZNA and GZA

Since 23 September, Hospital Network Antwerp (ZNA) has started using ChipSoft's electronic health record (EHR) HiX in its various locations. It is the result of an intensive joint implementation process with network partner GZA Hospitals, which had its go-live with HiX in June of this year. In anticipation of the scheduled merger of the healthcare facilities by 2024, the implementation of HiX in ZNA has made the digital cooperation of both organisations a reality. The joint EHR is the ideal tool for the hospitals to provide patients in the Antwerp region with quality and safe care.

The 5 most frequently asked questions regarding an EHR implementation

The implementation of an electronic health record (EHR) is a complex process that requires much time and effort from healthcare facilities and their staff. Those involved in the process will undoubtedly have many questions and concerns. This article covers the five most frequently asked questions regarding an EHR implementation, offering answers, tips, and tricks along the way.

Critical success factors for a favourable EHR implementation

The implementation of an integrated electronic health record (EHR) is a huge undertaking for hospitals. It is a commitment that requires a great deal of time and energy from all employees, but the end result comes with many perks, including more efficient work processes, significant amounts of time saved, and increased patient safety. This article will discuss a couple of components found in the implementation process that serve as critical success factors for the favourable installation of a new EHR. However, it goes without saying that all steps and aspects contribute to a positive outcome of the EHR implementation.

HiX helps Dijklander Hospital with preparing and administering parenteral medication

Administering medication is an extremely delicate and error-prone process: the right amount must be administered to the right patient at the right time. This especially applies to parenteral medication. Dijklander Hospital now uses HiX in this process. The EHR verifies whether all required steps of preparation and administration are taken correctly.

Hospital pharmacist Anneke Sprangers about switching to HiX 6.2

Dutch Bravis hospital recently made the switch to version 6.2 of HiX, including the standard open content. This means that not just the hospital, but the hospital pharmacy as well, is better equipped than ever. Anneke Sprangers, hospital pharmacist at Bravis hospital, picks out two highlights relevant to her workflow. She also shares why and how she participates in several work groups working to further enrich HiX.

Over 40 remote patient monitoring care paths can now be started with a single click

Remote patient monitoring from EHR HiX with a single click! As a result, patients no longer have to visit the hospital, saving the staff precious time that they can spend on those who really need it.

Healthcare innovation in Wilhelmina Hospital: implementation of EHR with standard open content

Wilhelmina Hospital implements EHR HiX with standard open content. With the switch to a standardised EHR, the hospital gives a strong impulse to important strategic themes, such as patient participation, easing registration burden, and digital cooperation with healthcare partners.

Dutch hospital group Gelre Hospitals chooses HiX as its new electronic health record

Dutch hospital group Gelre Hospitals adopts HiX as its new electronic health record. With the implementation of EHR HiX, they strongly commit to healthcare innovation and achieve many of their strategic goals for 2025.

Bravis hospital updates its EHR: 'Patients have more control, and staff have a lower registration burden’

In view of their vision for the future, Dutch Bravis hospital updated its EHR HiX. The new version of the software will provide the hospital with multiple benefits. For example, patients will have more control over their own care process and care providers will experience a reduction in the registration burden.

Optimal efficiency through automated and integrated healthcare processes

Belgian hospital AZ Delta uses software to fulfill its visions for the future. IT Manager Korneel Traen: “As a hospital, we have to innovate in order to maintain our relevance in the healthcare landscape. Our EHR HiX helps us tremendously with that.”