Are you looking to reduce the workload of your staff as well as provide them with an easy to use and flexible EHR? ChipSoft does not only offer cutting-edge software, but broad (medical) content as well. This means that your healthcare organisation benefits from standardised, state-of-the-art EHR content that is continuously updated, which in turn saves time and contributes to patient safety. 

Standard open content, or pre-configured content, consists of any and all conceivable content for the best possible EHR. This varies from reporting possibilities to complete order workflows, specialist questionnaires, score lists, built-in guidelines, decision support, image management, widgets, and interfacing capabilities to realise both mandatory and non-mandatory data exports. HiX offers this content in a structured manner, which not only improves access to the content, but also facilitates its implementation and configuration. Moreover, it is possible to exchange data with other healthcare institutions in a structured way. Using standard open content ensures that your organisation uses proven solutions and that your systems are always up to date with the latest in healthcare IT developments.

The evolution of HiX' Standard Open Content

How our EHR evolved in providing the best-of-suite solutions through Standard Open Content.  

Proven solutions in other healthcare organisations

We have incorporated three decades of knowledge about IT configurations and IT support into our EHR HiX' standard open content. A wide variety of content 'flavours' for each specialty is available and these flavours have already proven themselves in other healthcare organisations. Generally, at least one flavour meets the needs and expectations of healthcare organisations using HiX for the first time. Taking the standard content approach helps organisations looking to implement a new EHR expedite their implementation process, as they do not have to reinvent the wheel. In October 2020 the Diakonessenhuis hospital took a big step towards modernizing and expanding its IT support. Says Martijn Wiesenekker, member of the Board of Directors: "This totally fits the way our hospital always puts patients first. We not only give our patients the best possible treatments, we also want treatments to be as pleasant as possible. With this new EHR expansion, patients can do more from home, whenever it is convenient for them. It also relieves our staff of a lot of administrative duties, giving them more time to spend at patients' bedsides."

New EHR functionalities

HiX is continuously being developed further and new functionalities are made available very regularly. Healthcare organisations working with standard open content automatically have access to these new functionalities, which are offered through updates. Additionally new guidelines, legislation, and rules are also directly incorporated into the standard open content. In this way software and medical content (and therefore configuration of you EHR) optimization goes hand in hand.

Quality of care

Deventer Hospital made the switch to standardised content in November 2019. When asked what the hospital's motives behind the switch were, Eric Kroon, member of the Board of Directors, stated: "Our current application contains a lot of customisations. These days, the world of healthcare is in the middle of a transition into a more network-based mode of organisation, in which exchangeability of data is of great importance. It is vital that all healthcare organisations record data in their systems in a uniform way, so that those data can be translated into information that physicians, patients and other care organisations can understand. These data may concern simple things like date notations, but all kinds of test results as well. ChipSoft's standard open content offers the perfect solution to do just that."

User groups

In a joint effort to improve healthcare and healthcare organisation's processes, ChipSoft works with its partners to improve HiX' standard open content. We frequently consult with healthcare staff in order to optimise content for all specialties in the form of content user groups. During user group sessions, healthcare organisations and their affiliates share ideas and expertise. User groups are organised per subject, there are currently over 190 groups meeting on a regular basis.

High degree of flexibility

While standard open content offers a host of options, your organisation can opt to configure content itself and suggest alternatives for the existing standard open content. A broad team of experts - consisting of medical specialists, allied health professionals, nurses, and IT specialists - will then determine whether this expansion might be beneficial to other healthcare organisations. If this is the case, the new functionality will be made available in the standard open content to all HiX clients and ChipSoft will take care of the configuration and maintenance.

Reduced workload for application managers

ChipSoft is responsible for the configuration and management of standard open content, easing the workload for application managers. This frees them up to focus on their actual task of process optimisation rather than having to adjust questionnaires to new guidelines. And when adjustments to questionnaires is needed, we will also update all linked objects, decision support, overviews and data exports.

More transparency and data exchange

With HiX' standard open content your healthcare organisation has a solution that offers complete transparency. The structured manner of entering data in HiX allows for a structured data export. This enables a structured exchange of data within your organisation, between organisations, and between you and your patients.

Benefits of standard open content

  • Proven solution
  • Automatically up to date
  • Continuous and effortless software and (medical) content improvements
  • Reduced workload for staff
  • Your input counts
  • More transparency
  • Quick implementation
  • Compliant with national and international standards
  • Enhanced Interoperability
  • Intelligent data model