Erasmus Medical Centre takes the next step in healthcare innovation by further utilising EHR HiX' standard open content and implementing its newest functionalities. This way, the university hospital capitalises on the possibilities currently offered by the EHR. And boosts topics of strategic importance to the hospital, including easing the registration burden for healthcare professionals, patient participation, and digital cooperation.

Erasmus MC tekende voor elektronisch patiëntendossier (EPD) HiX 6.2

Medical care is developing at a rapid pace. Optimising work processes is essential in keeping healthcare affordable and efficient. It's also essential to register patient data in a structured manner to make information available for reuse by colleagues and for statistics and data export. Anticipating the healthcare of the future, Erasmus MC is introducing strategic innovations designed to ease the registration burden for healthcare professionals. These innovations also support the goal of registering data at the source. 

Innovative clinical noting for more efficiency

Besides the further development of the EHR for, among others, genetics and paediatrics, Erasmus MC is also investing in the innovation of clinical noting. These innovations will allow healthcare professionals to work from a single, more intuitive screen during their consultations, and will reduce the number of clicks required. The clinical notes will be saved in a structured manner. This means that the data is directly available, not only to all healthcare professionals with access to that data, but also for scientific research and data exports.

Diagnosis-oriented selections

Through diagnosis-oriented selections within the EHR, the system will offer physicians the relevant information elements. HiX makes a selection from all available content based on the diagnosis and present that selection in a clear and comprehensible manner. This will provide the healthcare professional with a clear overview of the relevant registrations for a specific diagnosis or complaint.

More time for the patient

The clinical noting is supported by the option to add templates that can be used to send orders, prescribe medication, and define a treatment plan. This saves the healthcare professional a lot of time. On top of that, the registration process is easier and more efficient, which means that more time and attention can be spent attending to the patient.

Patient participation

Patients also benefit from the innovations to clinical noting. Physicians are able to note their findings in a more structured way, which means that the patients will have access to a more complete patient portal. This means that patients will be better informed. The portal also supports patients in exchanging data between the hospital and their personal health environment.

'Higher quality and improved efficiency'

Martin Kalshoven, Head of Information Management, says: 'At Erasmus MC, we have experienced that a lot of efficiency gain and quality improvement can be realised by actively working together with the care providers on improving the configuration of the EHR. For us, implementing this upgrade is taking the next step in this development.. HiX intelligently uses the patient's care needs to automatically offer relevant information and to further reduce the registration burden, which helps us use the EHR to its fullest extent and reduce the amount of clicks needed. All these developments benefit the quality and efficiency of our care.'