By choosing HiX  as its new electronic health record (EHR), Gelre Hospitals is ready to take major strides in the process of healthcare innovation, the reduction of the burden of documentation and application management. The hospital, with sites in cities such as Apeldoorn and Zutphen, is already ticking the boxes for many of its strategic goals set for 2025 with the implementation of HiX.


Better care for each other

Edwin Maalderink, member of Gelre Hospitals' Executive Board: 'The EHR supports our multiannual strategy 'Better care for each other'. We are always looking for ways in which we can support the care process, both for our patients and the care providers. We talk with our patients and, together, decide on the type of care that best suits their individual needs. In addition, we cooperate ever more closely with regional care partners, so that together, we are able to pinpoint and determine the best sites for providing healthcare. I firmly believe that our cooperation with ChipSoft will help us in our ambition regarding healthcare innovation.'


Optimal support for physicians and nursing staff

For the care providers of Gelre Hospitals, the transition to HiX means a reduction in the documentation burden. They have access to user-friendly functionalities that support their individual work processes on their computer, laptop, tablet, or other (mobile) devices. HiX also includes a mobile app for nurses and for specialists, which allows the care professionals to consult and register data at the point of care. Once registered, the data can be reused, allowing practitioners co-treating a patient to view each other's registrations. 


Less application management

By implementing the standard open content of HiX, Gelre Hospitals directly benefits from the latest developments within the EHR. These are automatically added to the EHR and the integrated patient portal by means of regular updates. ChipSoft configures and manages all relevant interfaces, decision support engines, overviews, reports, and data exports, relieving hospitals and IT staff of the need for application and system management. Thanks to the standardised content of HiX, they are able to focus completely on process optimisation.


Ready for use by late 2022

The new electronic health record will be ready for use in Gelre Hospitals in Q4 of 2022. Until then, there is plenty of groundwork to be laid, a process in which the hospital group will continue to work together closely with ChipSoft.