HiX is a flexible and totally integrated EPD that has many functionalities for mental health care and hospital psychiatry, forensic care. 

Mental health care

 HiX offers many options for the support of you and your client in targeted mental health care from close up.  Targeted because you can set up a complete care programme for your client in an easy way, take work out of the hands of your attending physicians through work process and decision support, always in line with the Prevailing legislation and in control with the integrated BI. 

Close up because, by using the HiX integrated client portal, your client can follow the care programme with blended care, has complete access to files, manages his/her own appointments, receives tailored information, follows the treatment programme online, keeps a diary, fills in ROM forms, etc.  And close up because your outpatient employee has mobile support in collaboration and exchange of information with regard to the client's care trajectory and care circuit is facilitated in a secure and complete manner.  

Hospital psychiatry 

To support multi-disciplinary care for patients with somatic and psychiatric symptoms, ChipSoft offers an EPD with HiX in which there is multidisciplinary collaboration with other specialities and diagnostic and medical disciplines within the hospital.  At the same time, with HiX you have the benefits of an integrated EPD in which you have all of the somatic, medical and psychiatric patient information together and an EPD in which the psychiatric information has a degree of shielding from the rest of the hospital in line with the policy.  This means that you provide complete and patient-safe care, while maintaining the correct degree of privacy for the patient.  

Forensic health care

Forensic mental health care has an important social function in the contribution to a safer society.  To adequately support the treatment of forensic patients, ChipSoft has with HiX a fully integral and secure EPD with which one can collaborate well among partners in the chain. In addition, information is registered once and can be broadly and easily used, the provider is helped in the provision of information of the treatment path and the patient is more involved in his/her own recovery. 


How the correct software supports the professionals of the forensic health care specialists.