​ChipSoft is primarily known as supplier of an innovative platform for hospitals under the banner 'HiX as assistant, supporter of the healthcare provider'. Following on the vision "HiX is found where healthcare is found', we have now extended the innovative solutions with consult management for general practitioner care. 

Using NHG (Netherlands General Practitioner Association) standards, staff members in GP practices or medical centres are now actively supported, based on the embedded knowledge of the Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap (NHG). The NHG has developed various products which we have incorporated as support. The expertise of the NHG is read into HiX and, during the recording of the consultation, this knowledge is cleverly displayed in the context of the patient. This support makes it possible, based on the NHG guidelines, to record readings fast or, for instance, prescribe medication.  

In the past, the GP recorded the entire consultation on paper or in letter format in a HIS (GP Information System). Due to changing legislation and regulations, inspection requirements and the necessary quality registrations, the trend over the last few years has been towards (mandatory) data registration in a structured manner.  

With the smart consultation registration of 'Consult 2.0', we give concrete form to the mandatory (structured) recording on the one hand, and on the other hand compliance with the wishes of the GP to offer this in a much more natural way.  

A screenshot of the HIS 
Een screenshot van het HIS

In the example above, you will see the smart consultation registration on the right (click on the image to enlarge).  
In Consult 2.0, the classic consultation letter has been redesigned, whereby reporting (on the right) is seemingly done in free text, but is actually stored in a structured manner. 

It also uses customisable auto texts, standard replies and templates to provide the general practitioner with maximum support. Based on the consultation form, direct orders, medication, readings, care activities, etc. can be recorded, without once leaving the consultation form.  
As all data are bundled, it is always clear which information underlies the policy that is set out and the relationship between complaints, results and management of the patient is comprehensible at one glance.