HiX Digital Health Services (called 'Zorgplatform' in the Dutch market) is a secure service that offers extensive support for transmural cooperation in health care. It provides support in referring patients, transfer of patients, shared care, viewing and consulting of each others patients and for remote care. Participating care providers don't have to have a collaborative association and it doesn't matter which (EMR/)EHR, HIS or platform is used for home monitoring. 

Why HiX Digital Health Services? 

Cooperation in care is becoming more and more important. Even the government works under the motto "Care nearby where possible and further away if necessary". To greater degrees, health care providers refer, transfer, confer, consult and offer remote care. HiX Digital Health Services supports this development in an innovative way. 

In practice, patient information must be exchanged via various communication media, such as e-mail, post, fax, telephone and chat. In addition, medication, images and lab results are exchanged via stand-alone systems, because the normal communication media are insufficient or not secure enough. All of these splintered solutions make collaboration unnecessarily costly and sometimes contrary to legislation. That's what HiX Digital Health Services has been developed for. 

HiX Digital Health Services bundles all of these forms of communication and offers integration with existing systems. Every health care institution can be connected with their own system or platform. Without high costs for infrastructure, without risk of data leaks and fitting in with the natural workflow or health care providers. The health care provider can thus directly use the functionalities offered by HiX Digital Health Services in their own electronic health record (EHR). 

HiX Digital Health Services makes cooperation possible that reaches further than just the exchange of information. Things such as registration of patient consent, the alignment of transmural workflows, notification of important developments and conversation among health care providers. 

HiX Digital Health Services

HiX Digital Health Services offers every healthcare institution the possibility of exchanging information among other healthcare institutions, eHealth applications and patients.  

Who works with HiX Digital Health Services? 

The hospitals of the Reinier Haga Group and FocusCura, suppliers of the home measurement app cVitals, gave starting shot for HiX Digital Health Services. They did this under the supervisory eye of the secretary general for Public Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS), Erik Gerritsen, who didn't conceal his enthusiasm on Twitter: "During work visit to HagaZiekenhuis about HiX Digital Health Services and cooperation with FocusCura, it appears that the development toward open standards and interoperability has been irreversibly started. Compliments to all parties involved!". On Computable (in Dutch), the four stakeholders gave their statements about their role in this project.. 

How does HiX Digital Health Services work?  

"HiX Digital Health Services is a tool for health care providers to use data in a secure manner, in the service of the patient. The privacy of the patient is an absolution condition", explains Remko Nienhouse, R&D manager. The storage of patient data remains the responsibility of the hospitals and other care facilities that are connected. 


Daan Dohmen adds: "It is a back shell that facilitates information exchange and provision of consent for this. Because it is an open system, it can also be used by hospitals working with other EPS or with other home measurement applications." 


Watch the animation above about the functions of HiX Digital Health Services (in Dutch).  

This is how HiX Digital Health Services works for the doctor (in Dutch). 



This is how HiX Digital Health Services works for the patient (in Dutch). 

Sometimes it is important for your treatment that health care providers can share your medical information. For example, because doctors must consult on how they can best help you. Or because your are allergic to a medicine and only your own hospital knows this. Hospitals may only share this medical information with your consent. It is important that you think about this and make a decision!  Via Zorgplatform.online you can indicate whether hospitals may share your information of not. If you do this via HiX Digital Health Services, it is always clear whether hospitals can share your information or not. This prevents misunderstandings and errors. 


Judith explains in the film above about the advantages of HiX Digital Health Services for you as a patient and explains the added value of giving your consent via Zorgplatform.online. 

This is how HiX Digital Health Services works for developers 
On Zorgplatform.online (in Dutch) you as a developer will find all of the required information to affiliate with HiX Digital Health Services. The site provides information for technical questions and conditions for joining. At this time, multiple parties are affiliated with HiX Digital Health Services. On August 26, 2019, the    UMC Utrecht  announced (in Dutch) via HiX Digital Health Servicesthat it will cooperate with the home measurement program Luscii (in Dutch). See how that works: 


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