​HiX offers intelligent support of record keeping for youth mental health care and other youth welfare including the corresponding entries and invoicing. 

Optimal alignment  

Many health care providers work in youth welfare who work closely with each other and the local authorities. This requires alignment of all parties. HiX facilitates this optimally with extensive record keeping, standardised entries based on health care information building blocks and iJW reports and invoicing standards. HiX ensures that youth care providers, whether or not in an outpatient/mobile setting, can see at a glance whether they are within the framework of appointments made. This can vary by local authority. 

Online portal  

The client themself contributes to their own care, via an online portal. If the client is still too young, the parents or guardians can be authorised and, for example, look at the appointments and the file. In short, for both providers of youth welfare and clients, HiX offers the solution for the future, in which interaction between the client, the social services and health care is becoming increasingly important. 


- Client participation via the online portal  
- Intelligent and mobile support of the health care provider  
- Support of report traffic 
 - Support of all financial channels