​Now that general practitioners are supported in HiX, first line care providers can also use the many options already offered by this platform to our second line customers. 

With order management, it is easy to map out and follow-up on tasks within the organisation.  So, from the consult, an order can be given to a physician's assistant to perform a measurement. 
HiX offers the option of integrated VIM notifications, so the whole process can be monitored. 
Automatic dispatch of an SMS to a patient with an appointment confirmation, location and request to bring a WID with them. 
Automatic reading in of the photo of the identity document in HiX. 
Linking of different types of equipment for the automatic recording of readings in the dossier, such as blood pressure or blood tests. 
The self-registration of patients with an appointment at a self-service kiosk. 
Automatic dispersal of all reports or overview to general practitioners, or, for example, mailboxes. 
Integration of the referral process with the emergency room.