https://www.chipsoft.com/news/14Erasmus MC, largest Academic HiX implementation



Erasmus MC, largest Academic HiX implementationhttps://www.chipsoft.com/news/14Erasmus MC, largest Academic HiX implementation<div class="ExternalClassECE7BFF9DE0642CF9B7C75566724F393"><h2>On the 23rd of June 2017, the largest Academic Hospital in the Netherlands - Erasmus MC in Rotterdam - launched its new Electronic Health Record solution: HiX by ChipSoft. More than a billion patient records and documents were transferred to the new comprehensive and future-proof solution. After a European tender, the EHR/EMR by ChipSoft proved to be the most viable solution for Erasmus MC.<br></h2><p>Program-director, Erik Vermeulen, clarifies Erasmus MC's choice for HiX: "We're going to make a giant leap and it will benefit our patients and employees greatly. ChipSoft offers a comprehensive and functional solution."<br></p><p>Months of preparation ensured a successful Go Live of the largest EHR/EMR implementation in the Netherlands to this date. </p><p>The solution is designed to provide patients with even better care. Erasmus MC moves to a new, innovative and technologically high-quality building in mid-2018. The comprehensive solution is a preparation for the new way of working in the new hospital, giving patients more control. For example, they can electronically 'check in' in the future. <br></p><p>Due to the size and complex nature of their patients' conditions, Erasmus MC required seamless workflow support for all of its core professionals in all departments. Therefore the current system was replaced by the best of suite solution HiX. ChipSoft's solution is leading on both a functional as well as a technical level.<br></p><p>In addition, Erasmus MC increasingly cooperates with hospitals in the region. Patients come to Erasmus MC for complex and innovative treatments, but receive pre- and post-treatment from their trusted doctor in their own hospital nearby.<br></p><p>Hans Mulder, CEO of ChipSoft:<em> "We are extremely proud of the enormous performance achieved by the Erasmus MC team to realise the transition to HiX within the set deadline and budget. We look forward to working with the largest Academic hospital in the Netherlands. With HiX, Erasmus MC has a modern platform that fully integrates patient care, both internally and regionally. Almost all hospitals in the Rotterdam area work with HiX, allowing Erasmus MC to exchange patient data with these institutions securely and quickly."</em></p><p><br></p></div>2017-08-24T22:00:00Z

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