https://www.chipsoft.com/news/20ChipSoft provides LUMC with unique application for specialists



ChipSoft provides LUMC with unique application for specialistshttps://www.chipsoft.com/news/20ChipSoft provides LUMC with unique application for specialists<div class="ExternalClassDCB953C337954A5CB1E2BCDEF3048D8C"><p><strong>‚Äč</strong><strong>Every specialist at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) now has access to an app that allows them to view their own patients' patient data in a secure way.</strong><br> With the HiX Mobile app, specialists can view appointments, medication, allergies, diagnoses, lab results, radiological images, the operation overview, and pathological, microbiological, and nuclear data per patient. In addition, doctors can take (wound) pictures and add these to the patient's file via the app itself. The LUMC will start using most of the app's functionalities immediately. Their specialists can download the app themselves.<br> The LUMC is delighted with HiX Mobile. Project coordinator Sandra Duivenvoorden: "HiX Mobile provides our specialists with even more flexible access to the most important data on their patients, for example during a multi-disciplinary consultation, at lunch or at another time when no PC is available."<br></p></div>2017-12-31T23:00:00Z

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