https://www.chipsoft.com/news/3HiX supports Rivas to revolutionise Dutch continuity of care



HiX supports Rivas to revolutionise Dutch continuity of carehttps://www.chipsoft.com/news/3HiX supports Rivas to revolutionise Dutch continuity of care<div class="ExternalClass8800D6506E8B47C4B6C9A038D298612B"><h2>Healthcare institutions regularly see ICT as a cost. Hans Mulder General Director of ChipSoft finds this to be an unfair assumption. "Smart ICT solutions continue to make care more cost efficient. The Rivas Care Group's implementation of HiX across their entire healthcare organisation is just one example of how our solution provides better care more efficiently."</h2><p>The Rivas Care Group, comprising of 6000 healthcare professionals situated in 51 locations across many cities, provides a wide variety of healthcare, from hospital care, residential care, nursing home care, home care, social work, child health and maternity care. In the past, the group used a cumbersome, fractured best of breed approach to support the care provided. The complete Rivas Care group has successfully Gone Live with ChipSoft's HiX solution.  Program Manager Roger van Driel explains that "Rivas replaced all old systems in April 2014 with ChipSoft's integrated EMR/EHR in order to place the client centrally. The replacement also means that all regional patient information is updated by the second, and that all chain wide care and logistical processes can be optimally streamlined. ChipSoft's HiX has therefore delivered an increase in patient safety, user satisfaction, along with an increase in efficiency and significant reductions in costs." </p><p>"<em>When a remote home care worker performs something for a client at home</em>," continues the Rivas program manager, "<em>The doctor in the hospital immediately sees what has occurred, which in turn significantly reduces the risk of errors and improves client safety. We now have a complete overview of relevant client information, so that we can quickly establish a correct diagnosis and target their treatment more specifically. This all ensures we deliver the right care, at the right time, in all required places.</em>"</p><p>"<em>This landmark achievement means that for the first time in Europe, thousands of health care professionals, spread along the entire care process, are supporting millions of patients, each with their own single fully integrated electronic client record (ECR). This brings a whole host of benefits</em>", continues Roger van Driel. "<em>In the old situation when a client moved from one care location to another, for example from hospital to home care, a great deal of information was manually transferred between systems. Now clients have a single digital file within the group, information is entered only once, ensuring a greater focus on care. Another introduction with the digital ECR is that each authorized practitioner gets their own view, giving only the most relevant information for that client, protecting privacy, and focusing care further</em>."</p><h3>ChipSoft's  HiX solution quickly pays for itself </h3><p>Van Driel also refers to the logistical advantages of a chain wide ECR, <em>"When scheduling an operation, for example, employees can concurrently organise any other group wide resource. This results in better coordinated care, less bed hours and shorter waiting times</em>." </p><p>The innovative ECR also provides a variety of direct cost savings, partly due to the significant reduction in administration as Rivas employees only need to register clients information once. These points combined realise a saving of around 60 FTEs for Rivas.</p><p>Roger van Driel continues,  <em>"The transition to an integrated system also leads to direct savings as we were managing and operating six different ICT systems. The new ECR directly saves database management and licensing costs. Obviously a new ECR requires an initial investment, however we earn a good of that amount back just through the efficiency gains we have achieved. This is in combination with the improvements in client safety and care quality, ensuring Rivas is prepared for the impending governmental healthcare budget cuts, and the continually increasing demands of patient safety."</em></p><h3>Growing Opportunities</h3><p>ChipSoft General Director Hans Mulder calls it "<em>A fantastic example of how ICT improvements and savings can work hand-in-hand. Nationally, </em><em>many other benefits are yet to be realised. Consider business intelligence solutions that quickly give managers a clear understanding of the costs and revenues, functionality that warn if medication is being incorrectly prescribed or information services that give more control of care to the patient. And that's just a small sample of the growing number of opportunities."</em></p><p>"The role of ICT in healthcare will continue to grow in importance," predicts Hans Mulder. "The market is demanding more efficient care, provided by an ever increasing number of technological possibilities. Through our innovation, healthcare Institutions see their ICT investments pay back every single penny. However, this is no time to relax, the healthcare landscape and market challenges are constantly changing. In 2014, Healthcare is considered to be efficient and safe, but without doubt the future will require greater efficiencies and safety. Without smart healthcare ICT, that just will not be possible."</p><h3>ICT provides more support to Patient</h3><p>The Dutch government views self-care as an important role in making health care more affordable. It is currently encouraging the deployment of information services that allow a range of activities to be carried out by patients away from the direct care setting, for example, collecting and submitting care information, completing questionnaires, scheduling of appointments, asking questions to their caregiver, retrieval of results, and reporting changes in symptoms. Patients do not need to visit a hospital to do any of these things. Patients are assured these new IT functionalities create a better connection to their caregivers. ChipSoft not only support these caregivers,  but ensures patients are more in their own care process.</p><p><em>Source: </em><a href="http://ictmagazine.nl/uitgelicht/verbeteren-en-kostenbesparingen-gaan-hand-hand/"><span lang="EN-GB" style="text-decoration:underline;"><em>http://ictmagazine.nl/uitgelicht/verbeteren-en-kostenbesparingen-gaan-hand-hand/</em></span></a><em> </em></p><p> </p></div>2014-06-18T22:00:00Z

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