• 11 February 2020 -

    ChipSoft has developed HiX Mobile for community nursing service in cooperation with the Rivas Care Group. With this app, the care providers from Rivas community nursing service have all relevant data of their clients available at their fingertips at all times and everywhere.

    Rivas Care Group, the only health care organisation in the Netherlands with one integrated medical record for nursing care, geriatric rehabilitation care, community nursing and hospital care, was faced with the challenge of having to deploy all care providers of Rivas home nursing as efficiently as possible. This required flexible scheduling options and qualitative correct, real-time registrations of care, at the moment this care is provided.

    Flexible scheduling

    HiX Mobile displays real-time schedule changes, so the care provider always goes to the correct client. The moment a client visit is cancelled, for example because of a hospital admission, this is immediately updated in the app. Because the app also provides a good overview of the routes of immediate colleagues, the care coordinator can immediately see what care has been provided and where there is a risk for gaps in the schedule.

    Correct billing

    Through the app, Rivas community nursing service care providers have access to the relevant data of their client, such as name, address and what care they'll be providing to the client.  Since all data is captured at the point of care, the risk of incorrect records and billing is reduced as much as possible.

    For online and offline use

    The Rivas community nursing service care providers regularly work in rural areas or homes with poor internet coverage. The app is designed as such that the staff can continue to perform their job well even in these areas. Their clients' data remain available and the records they enter offline can be easily uploaded to the EPF when they have access to the internet again.

    "So elegant and so much easier than all those paper trails."
    Anneke Huijsman - Home care staff member, Rivas Care Group

    Biggest proponents

    Mirelle Keinemans, community nursing team manager for the Rivas Care Group: "We have given our staff a fully protected work mobile phone. After an adjustment period, we rolled out the app and now our staff no longer wants to do without it. The biggest sceptics are the biggest proponents. Communication is very smooth and it gives our staff and schedulers peace of mind that all relevant data is available. That saves many phone calls, which can sometimes come at an unfortunate moment in community nursing."

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