UMC Utrecht is the first hospital in the Netherlands, and probably Europe, to grant patients real-time access to their personal Electronic Health Records (EHR). All patients over the age of 16 can now access their entire health records. This combined with self-service and management tools allows the patient to be fully empowered.  

Using a secured connection, patients can perform 'eConsults' with their doctors: they can view their own health records and stay in touch with their physicians. Patients are no longer obligated to visit the hospital to receive proper and suitable care or safely communicate with physicians. 

ChipSoft provides institutions with the most innovative eHealth solutions, ensuring they are ready to provide optimal and committed care in the future. By granting all patients  unrestricted access to their EHR, UMC Utrecht shows that innovation and service are perfectly combinable with core values such as patient- and information security.

Tony Monkel is a patient at the UMC Utrecht and very enthusiastic about the eHealth possibilities of the hospital: "I am very happy to be able to request prescriptions, view lab results and have a say in my own treatment. I would advise any patient to make use of these features! After analysing my health record, I can get in touch with my own physicians to receive any additional information."