Better care together

ChipSoft develops cutting-edge software that supports healthcare professionals –from medical specialists to admin and executives- in providing the best quality of care in the most efficient way. Our mission is to contribute to greater patient safety and more efficiency in healthcare.

Founded in 1986 by surgeon Gerrit Mulder and his son Hans Mulder, we bring together years of experience in healthcare and ICT. Focusing exclusively on developing software solutions for the healthcare market from the beginning, the Mulder’s no-nonsense attitude resonates throughout the company to this day and is the driving force behind the successes of ChipSoft.

What started as a small stand-alone invoicing program for medical specialists, steadily progressed into a fully integrated EMR/EHR solution for both individual organisations as well as organisations operating within the entire chain of care. We are the partner of choice for healthcare organisations across the board - from large hospitals and specialist care to small GP offices care and mental health clinics. ChipSoft is the market leader in The Netherlands and we are expanding across Europe.

Our software solution HiX is built in-house by our over 800 employees, who work hard to deliver a state of the art product. Input and feedback from our end-users is always incorporated. Frequent sessions between specialists/physicians, IT managers and executives working at client organisations and our staff to ensure our product has the best fit. Better care together!