​With HiX, health care organisations profit from an integrated EPD that offers more than just file management. The file supports patient-tailored treatment and registration processes, whereby all processes seamlessly connect to each other within one workflow. HiX also offer complete medical content to optimally support each process and each speciality. Whether a single health care institution, or a region where the entire chain must be supported. 

Standard content 

With the standard content in HiX, health care organisation have a standardized EPD content that is always up-to-date and is continually renewed. Standard content can be defined as all conceivable content for an optimal EPD. This varies from reporting options to complete order workflows, specialist questionnaires, score lists, built-in guidelines, decision support, multimedia, widgets and links to realise (obligatory) deliveries. HiX offers this content in a structured manner, through which your health care organisation can realise benefits with both the content itself as well as the implementation and maintenance of it. 

Legislation and regulations  

New guidelines, laws and regulations are directly included in the standard content. Because we work closely with many organisations (including DBC Onderhoud and the Dutch Hospital Association), we are always first updated on changes and work them directly into HiX. 

Sharing information  

ChipSoft monitors the synergy and consistency of all of the various specialist elements within the standard content.  In this way, data shared is always used by other specialisms.  Thus there is no information gap and data elements do not have to be requested or input twice.  For example, the pregnancies from obstetrics reporting are visible to gynaecology (and vice versa) and data from the mother and child file are also shared with each other.  Thus end users can work more effectively with providing care. 

Data exchange  

Standard content also ensures optimal data exchange among health care providers. Institutions working with HiX "speak" the same language with each other throughout the institution. ChipSoft knows the meaning of all fields in all (ChipSoft) hospitals, so the chance of miscommunication is zero in the exchange of data.  We've leveraged this over the boundaries of HiX with the care platform. 

Role-based EPD  

HiX is a multi-disciplinary usable file which every health care provider has a role-based view. This includes that every health care giver gets the information and registration options on the patient that they need at that specific moment. Whether this is an orthopaedist prescribing medication or a cardiologist filling in specific questionnaire. This, in combination with the medical content in the file, takes the load off and optimally supports the health care providers, so many providers find HiX user friendly and fast. 

Safe medication application  

HiX offers a unique combination of dose recording and related functionalities. Users are smoothly guided through the work process because they receive functionalities based on actions and registrations performed. Because only one patient can be displayed on the screen at one time, the risk of mistakes is zero. The EPD also differentiates between very secure medication applications (closed loop), 3D imaging for even better diagnoses, decision support and applications to exchange data with colleague institutions and organisations. 

Patient participation 

Care is completely changed. Patients want to see their files and have influence on their care plan. Health care providers want to use mobile devices if the situation requires it. The registration pressure and the number of required deliveries increase exponentially. So the solutions of today are not per se the solutions of tomorrow. HiX is always ready for the future. This is because HiX always uses the newest technologies. Seen from a functional point of view, this EPD always offers the best support to health care providers. Future-oriented 

Smart solutions  

The EPD contains many "smart" solutions. Thus it offers intelligent registrations for specialists, which adapt based on the answers given.  When answering, they see the historic data of the patient on the same screen. The total clinical picture of the patient is thus always clear at a glance. 

Decision support also plays an important role in the EPD. This helps doctors in, for example, to provide warnings in the prescription of medication based on the latest lab results. All data within the EPD can serve as a trigger or be taken into account to initiate decision support. Whether medical content issues or administrative issues; decision support can be used anywhere. 

Save time  

The EPD presents the registration and viewing options separately within one screen. So doctors can always see during registrations (on the same screen) what has been found for the patient in an earlier stage. That saves time, because they don't have to actively search for the information. In addition, HiX offers a unique summary of medical data and extensive research options, so the health care provider can call up an cross section of the patient file. In this way, they have a fast and accurate picture of the patient and their medical history. 

Reduce logging load 

HiX helps health care organisations in many ways to reduce the data entry load. By using "single entry, multiple reuse" as the starting point, health care professionals profit optimally from the data that colleagues have already entered about patients. It could be a colleague within the health care institution, but also a colleague from another health care facility. 

HiX also offers questionnaires with predefined answers and inventive solutions to minimise administrative load. Think here about deviations in preoperative screening that are highlighted. In this way, anaesthesiologists know immediately what they have to concentrate one without having to mull through the list. Single entry and highlighting of deviations are only a few examples, as HiX is full of work-reducing handy tricks. 

Intuitive and user-friendly  

ChipSoft focuses heavily on the usability of the EPD. By offering buttons and functionalities in set locations on the screen and using well considered shapes and colours, which HiX users quickly experience as intuitive and recognisable. A dedicated usability team continually investigates how users can keep using thee system efficiently and in a comfortable manner. 

Task-oriented EPD  

Mobile applications are totally in. HiX offers more than just mobile availability. HiX provides a task-oriented solution for every health care provider, that knows what the care giver needs on any device, always and everywhere. Whether on a desktop PC, a tablet or a smartphone.  The options even include integrated apps that are easy to develop yourself. 

HiX contributes optimally to the context of use. Does a home care provider log in on a tablet at the patient's home. Then HiX knows immediately which information must be displayed for the specific health care provider and this information is offered in an optimal presentation form to the health care provider. The same applies to a desktop PC, a smartphone or even a smart TV hanging in a team room. Because HiX is scalable, the screen format on every type of device is always used optimally.

Control to the patient 

Health care is increasingly a continual process, in which health care providers and patients can also access the EPD outside the walls of the health care institution. With eHealth within HiX, health care organisations provide the patient as well as the (internal and external) health care provider with a user friendly tool to continue the health care process. The location doesn't matter; HiX can be used both on fixed and mobile devices via the web application.  

Revolutionary apps  

HiX supports the use of apps in a unique way. With HiX, health care institutions not only use ready-to-use integrated apps to reduce administrative load, but they also have tools to develop integrated apps themselves, or in cooperation with third parties. With this approach, we help health care institutions to use the right mobile applications for each situation to improve the health care process. 

Chain EPD  

HiX builds bridges between the first line, second line and third line care with one integrated ZIS/EPD. All cooperating health care institutions profit from eachother's data entries. Data that another health care provider or institution has already entered are available for your institution. And vice versa. This streamlines the integral health care process of the patient, increases patient safety and promotes the efficiency of all work processes. In addition, patients only have to tell there story once. 

By the spread throughout the care offering, the cooperation between first line, second line and third line providers is increasingly important. We offer a fully integrated solution to support a complete chain of care, regardless of the locations of the institutions that make up the chain. With HiX, hospitals optimise the cooperation with the other health care institutions in the chain and streamline the logistics surrounding the patient throughout the chain. With the care platform this reaches beyond the borders of HiX. 

Optimal privacy

  With HiX, health care organisations determine in detail who has access to which data. This also applies to the data exchange with other organisations. HiX has a very user-friendly authorisation tool for this, with which institutions can grant all rights very precisely. In this, they have a view at all times of all rights granted by health care providers or group of providers. In this way, health care institutions can optimally protect data from unauthorised access. 

Integration and medical content

With HiX, health care institutions guarantee "single entry at the source and multiple use". In addition, they are in a position to use all of the possible control mechanisms, decision support, health care processes, data analyses and communication tools to support employees and health care providers optimally and integrated. So health care organisations get a considerable boost in efficiency, increase patient safety and reduce administrative load.