This year’s Better Care Together Festival brought together 900+ healthcare professionals including specialists, IT managers, Executive Board members and other healthcare professionals. They converged in The Hague, The Netherlands, for a day of learning, inspiration and connection. The Festival featured inspiring talks, educational breakout sessions and live demo’s with regard to healthcare IT and EHR.     

Inspiring keynotes

Hans Mulder, CEO ChipSoft, first took the stage and kicked of this year’s Better Care Together Festival. He was followed by keynote speakers Huib Modderkolk, Femke Nijboer and Mirjam van Velthuizen. Bestselling author and journalist Huib Modderkolk explained how a society increasingly dependent on technology makes for a very fragile one. Neuroscientist Femke Nijboer shed light on how the growing popularity of neuroscience leads to a neglect of interventions aimed at disease prevention, and Mirjam van Velthuizen shared how UMC Utrecht implements innovation. 

Education and information

Dozens of breakouts, including sessions on data driven healthcare, resource management and EHR in the cloud, were held in the afternoon. Attendees could also visit the interactive HiXperience area for the latest updates in HiX. Highlights included how HiX supports dialysis, online portals and data warehouse.

Partnership is key

Willem Wiegersma, Chairman of the Board at Rehabilitation Centre Basalt: ”This festival is perfect for meeting our EHR supplier as well as fellow health service providers. We recently selected HiX as our new software solution and after doing a round on the HiXperience I’m convinced we made the right choice once again. ChipSoft and Basalt are launching something new –EHR in the cloud- and a strong partnership will be crucial in doing so. Events such as this one definitely strengthen this partnership.”

Exchange of ideas

Corné Mulders, CIO at UMC Utrecht: “This is an inspirational festival with interesting speakers and content. It’s very well organised and I appreciate that this festival manages to not only be educational but entertaining as well. The healthcare industry is small and it’s great to meet with colleagues from other health care organisations and exchange ideas. And finally, I truly believe we can improve healthcare together.” 

Warm welcome

Bruno de Geest, Manager ICT at ZNA, who recently chose ChipSoft as their EHR provider: “Attending the festival was a first for us and we felt very welcome. The timing couldn’t have been better as we only announced having selected HiX as our new EHR a week ago. A lot of information on HiX is new to us and therefore it’s very interesting. We were able to see a lot of live demos today and meet many healthcare professionals as well as ChipSoft employees.”