​HiX supports paramedics optimally in their work. They profit with HiX from an integrated system, including a unique multi-disciplinary planning method, treatment communication, training plans and group reports. In addition, every paramedic has an extensive set of job-specific clinimetrics and score lists, which are gradually set the treatment path as a part of the work process. 

HiX offers a more than complete, multi-disciplinary file. Every health care professional enters their findings, objectives and sub-goals in this with minimal action. All relevant registrations are directly available for the colleagues who have a treatment relationship with the patient.  This prevents double entries and reduces the possibility of errors.  Ideal for multi-disciplinary consultation, because every health care professional involved immediately has a complete and current picture of the patient's treatment. 

With HiX, paramedics can also easily open the doors of the treatment centre or department online. Both patients and health care providers can also gain access to the EPD outside of the walls of the institution. Patients fulfil a partner role by planning appointments, watching videos with exercises, filling in checklists or maintaining contact with their treating professional.  But also health care providers have access 24 hours a day to the correct and most current patient information, regardless of their location.