​Good workflow management ensures structure and efficiency in the treatment process and makes processes transparent.  It supports the health care professional in the treatment of the patient and leads to more rapid realisation of the treatment goal. 

Workflow management within HiX 

Good care logistics help to:  
- put the patient in contact with the health care professional at the right time  
- provide the health care professional with the required information at the right time  
- getting the care resources to the patient at the right time  
Workflow management within HiX promotes the care logistics in many ways.  Consider order management, appointment administration, care plans, scheduling nursing activities, medication protocol and clinical treatment protocols. 

Order management 

HiX offers an extensive order management functionality for defining, managing, requesting, receiving, saving and settling orders.  It uses all of the data present in HiX about the patient, their care needs, diagnosis and treatment.  It is more than just a resource to request examinations and get results, it also supports health care professionals in thinking together about the most logical subsequent step in the treatment of the patient. 

Creating transparent tasks

In HiX, patient-based and non-patient-based (sub)tasks are created and given a recurrence pattern.  These tasks, such as lab requests, ECG requests or treatment protocols for the nurses, can be sent to users, user groups and institutions.  Both the order and the feedback are provided with structured content.  So everyone knows what is expected from them and it is always clear which steps have been taken or not.  This prevents double diagnostics and wastage. 

Solving and avoiding bottlenecks  

HiX actively signals the "funnels" in the diagnostic and therapeutic chain.  Intelligent tooling helps to solve and avoid bottlenecks.  Consider the movement of order flows to other work lists, actively attending doctors on open ICCs, automatically making patient's discussion lists and preventing double examination orders so that the chain doesn't get backed up. 

Targeted order sets 

Because HiX is a completely integrated EPD, it can offer context-based support.  Based on patient data (such as age, diagnosis and need for care), and the context of treatment (ER or nursing department), HiX provides order sets that are based on the situation.  This helps the health care professional to create the correct diagnostic or treatment policy.  The guidance can go further: based on a lab result, HiX can, for example, propose ordering an ICC or performing an additional diagnostic test. 

Evaluating workflows 

HiX offers tooling for the evaluation of workflows.  It can, for example, compare the expected treatment path with the final result of treatment.  The new insights can be used for adjustment to the treatment path. 


More rapid realisation of the treatment goal 
Structure in the treatment process 
Optimal transparency of processes 
Double diagnostics and wastage are prevented