​HiX supports all processes and every care professional in the emergency room (ER) an minimises the registration pressure of the department. Thus it offers the ideal conditions for rapid and correct diagnosis and treatment. 

Emergency Room and HiX 

HiX creates an overview of the ER. It provides all health care providers in the department with optimal insight into the current (and historic) patient data and provides the right registration tools at the right time. The dynamic map displays the department and the care requirements. On a big screen, everyone can see at a glance which characteristics are important and which actions still need to be taken for patients, beds and rooms. 

Minimal registration pressure 

Mapping out actions is easy in HiX. Thanks to template sub-packages, multiple orders can be plotted at one time, such as lab, radiology and ECG requests.  Admission, discharge or transfer of patients is just as easy. The system also offers intelligent registration support in the various score lists (such as burn forms). The registration possibilities are temporarily modifiable when the ER is flooded with patients during a disaster. 


HiX supports health care providers from the time the patient arrives at the ER. It supports all regular triage systems such as the NTS, MTS and Boston/ESI. Using triage, health care providers can rapidly determine the need for care and implement action. Patients are shown as an overview based on the urgency of their need for treatment, including the maximum responsible waiting time for their treatment. 

Integrated into the EPD  

Health care providers in the ER have access to the previously entered data of each patient already known in the hospital. From the history and the x-rays to the current medication and last test results. All information determined in the ER is then also immediately available for colleagues in the department to which the patient is transferred. This also applies to the monitoring data and medication administered, because the system has an integrated PDMS and completely integrated medication record.  So making a transfer is no longer necessary. 

Ambulance link 

HiX supports the trauma and injury delivery via the MTOS dataset and supports PROMISE for structured delivery of travel information, photos and other data from the ambulance. The ambulance link makes it possible to transmit information from the ambulance directly to the EPD, so that health care professionals in the ER have real time patient information available before the patient arrives. 


Optimal overview of the ER 
Single registration, multiple use 
Efficient transfers 
Minimal registration pressure for ER health care providers