​HiX-PDMS gives healthcare professionals insight into the (current) condition of patients, anytime and anywhere. All recorded measurements and patient values are automatically uploaded into the EHR.

PDMS within HiX 

HiX processes all PDMS measurements directly into the patient files. This makes them instantly accessible for every healthcare practitioner.  Practitioners even have continuous remote insight into the patient’s condition. Not only the current measurements, but all the earlier recorded values are also available. This contributes to a complete and current patient file, giving each practitioner a complete and quick overview of the patient, their treatment status and the operations still to be carried out. 

Efficient and safe 

Infusion pumps, ventilators, (EEG) monitors, gas analysers, heart-lung machines; a variety of devices and aids are attached to and inserted into patients to monitor their health and progress. HiX-PDMS processes the resulting measurements automatically into the EHR. The results instantly become available for colleagues in the department where the patient is to be transferred next. There is no manual entry or transfer of information, increasing the efficiency and safety of patient care. 

Supplier independence  

HiX-PDMS functions completely independently from suppliers. It communicates with devices such as (EEG) monitors, ventilators, gas analysers, heart-lung machines, infusion pumps and monitors regardless of brand. New links are constantly being created with medical apparatus from all leading brands. 

Hospital-wide specific support  

HiX-PDMS provides added value to all high-care and low-care departments; from operating theatres, casualty, EHH and obstetrics to the ICU, CCU and dialysis department. The PDMS provides department-specific care at every level, adapted to the specific work processes and requirements of the user. For example, HiX-PDMS can automatically calculate the dosage when prescribing a medication or infusion with the help of recorded patient details such as length and weight.  Does something need to be amended to the infusion pump? HiX processes these changes automatically. 

Real-time insight  

With HiX-PDMS, it is immediately apparent when a patient’s condition changes. Graphic overviews provide insight into how the patient reacts to prescribed medication. Clear charts show real-time values of (and the relationship between) vital parameters. Other details such as allergies, treatment plans, daily reports, orders, scores, medication and infusion policy, fluid balances, department transfers, trends and curves are also clearly presented. By combining and presenting this information in a clear overview, practitioners can quickly gain insight into whether a chosen line of procedure works. 

Decision support  

HiX provides support in the making of timely and optimally informed decisions. Has a lab result come back with a low potassium value?  HiX automatically runs a number of checks, including whether the patient is receiving enteral feeding. HiX then provides the physician with suggestions for follow-up actions to normalise the value (for example, a potassium pump - including the drip rate - and a verification moment). This is just one example of the many ways in which HiX can support the decision-making process (other examples include sepsis, comfort and glucose/insulin).  


Insight into actual patient condition, anytime and anywhere 
Measurements are automatically integrated into the patient’s EHR 
Centralised medication monitoring 
Decision support 
Fully digitised work environment