​It supports all outpatient and clinical medication processes and offers each healthcare provider an up to date medication overview at any given time. Thanks to the integration with the EPD, all relevant information - patient parameters, laboratory results, allergies - is available and can be used immediately. This ensures optimal patient security. 

Medication within HiX  

HiX offers a 'closed loop medication solution'. Each change in the up to date medication overview (adding, discontinuing or changing of medication orders) is directly viewable for each healthcare giver and on each location (for instance, Casualty, IC, OR and clinic). This way, optimal medication monitoring is safeguarded and patient safety increases.  

Prescribing and recording  

HiX is able to provide outpatient and clinical prescriptions with a personal formulary. Profiles for admission and discharge medication are also fully supported. Once prescribed, the clinical prescription is immediately viewable on the digital issue and / or medication administering record. Medication administering recording can be performed on digital patient rounding lists or via handheld devices. 

Optimal medication monitoring 

As a result of the integration with the Z-index, all monitoring signals from the index are applied to the medication orders to be prescribed, administered and/or approved. This might include contraindications, interactions, allergies and therapeutic duplication. By applying formal rules based on 'clinical rules', other (patient) parameters may be involved in the decision to prescribe or not to prescribe medication. This increases patient safety considerably. 

Add-on medicines and cytostatics  

HiX supports the (logistical and financial) processes in respect of expensive medicines and cytostatics. By making use of pre-defined medication orders, as with regular medication, physicians are able to prescribe the correct medication and dosage for the patient with a few keystrokes. 


An up to date medication overview at all times. 
Optimal medication monitoring for prescriptions, issue and administering 
Processes with regard to add-on medicines and cytostatics supported.