​HiX supports care of the handicapped, nursing, care, home care and maternity care and eases the administrative load on your health care organisation, so that health care professionals have more time to provide care. 

ChipSoft is the first and only supplier in the Netherlands to support the entire chain of care with an integrated EPD: HiX.  Within this total system, the support for first, second and third line care seamlessly flows together.  Through this patients don't have to tell their story again and again when transferring, and all of the care providers involved have the same (complete) data. 

Law on Long-Term Care (Wlz) 

 Within the Wlz, one works with reports between the health care offices and the health care providers.  The health care offices send the indications through via reports and the health care providers report receipt, mutations to requests are then sent back to the health care offices. 

Law on Social Support (Wmo) 

In the Wmo reporting, communities and health care providers share information about the products and services provided.  

Youth Welfare Law 

The Youth Welfare Law reporting is also fully supported.  Requests can be made for the municipality, through which the data are taken from an existing DBC. 

Other indications 

For the other indications, there is no report traffic, but periods can be set within which the care must be provided.

Contracts and arrangements 

Health care can also be set forth in contracts and arrangements.  With this, arrangements can be made about the care to be delivered.  


HiX meets the reporting standards for iWlz, iWmo and iJw.  Every year we greet the Green CHeck; with which we show that we meet the requirements set by iStandards. 

CAK Care Provider Standard 

HiX also supports the CAK Care Provider Standard.  This standard describes the electronic file exchange for providing client information and care hours provided within the framework of Wlz or Wmo.